At the heart of Prosper’s work is people; our enthusiasm to come together and succeed as a team reflects the vision to unleash individual potential and realize new heights. Established with passion and a wealth of knowledge by the Founders, a team was formed to bring further value as we partner with people and organizations for their success.

Eyhab Al Hajj


By focusing on value adding and taking a customer centric approach, Eyhab Al-Hajj has created a niche growing a successful brand in a very short period. Prosper has earned a respected regional position that represents quality of delivery ensuring customer satisfaction. Prosper, the local management consultancy company has developed a name in the field of 'executive coaching' and 'coaching for change' to develop organizational performance cultures that are sustainable through its people.

Khalfan Al Esry


Sheikh Khalfan brought a wealth of knowledge from his vast experience in the roles he played in hisworking career as a professional engineer, he was an influential and inspiring speaker, an executivecoach, and a recognized facilitator. His emphasis was on areas such as leadership, simplicity and quality delivery to position Prosper as the prominent local management consultancy in the Sultanate and the Middle east region. He believed in people being an important asset in all organizations, and that everyone has great potential within them given the right environment. He believed that the country’s growth and development are dependent on nourishing that potential and investing in its main asset; the people. Prosper aims to continue in Sheikh Khalfan’s path, and work on spreading his message till his vision for Oman sees the light.