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About us

The world today is experiencing a rapid change. What was considered uncharted territory, has now become commonplace. Working in a multicultural environment, mastering technological advances as well as the growing demand to operate internationally are just some of the emerging challenges facing professionals in the ever evolving knowledge era. Research has proven that by means of ‘positive external stimuli’, people can realize the undiscovered talents embedded within them. This realization is necessary to succeed in today’s world. During the course of life, one comes across individuals who are successful and fortunate enough to discover the latent talents that are synergized within their minds, body and souls thus creating an environment that propelled them through the strata of success. Your ability to succeed lies within you. We, at Prosper are your catalyst. Through effective coaching we can help you discover your hidden faculties by which the ‘seed of creativity’ embedded deep within you, can break free & flourish.

Our chosen symbol of a sprouting seed encompasses the whole concept of growth and development. It is a universal symbol of determination, progress and maturity. The colors, blue, and green, represent nature, life and prosperity which symbolizes our naturally induced approach to coaching and engagement. Similar to seeds in the Earth, the seeds of talent and skills, hidden and waiting within the depths of a human being needs and encouraging environment to grow. Only under the right circumstances will the seed pierce the surfaces of the earth and push towards the light.

Such is the philosophy of success in life: a creative energy within individuals, waiting for the right environment to flourish.

To be your partner of first choice that facilitates the unleashing of potential within you to realize growth and prosperity.

Societies of a relatively young generation need to capitalize on undiscovered talent and direct it towards personal development and national growth. This trend has been confirmed by the noticeable increase in the market demand to move away from ‘man-power’. This trend has been confirmed by the noticeable increase in the market demand to move away from ‘man-power’ to ‘mind-power’. We at Prosper have identified opportunities to make the transformation possible through:

  • Developing Intra-personal and Interpersonal skills
  • Preparing leaders for tomorrow
  • Aligning Business Processes with Personnel
  • Synergizing international best practices with local talents

Out business principles are centered around providing ‘value adding’ solutions to suit your needs, through applying the approach of personal development in the operating culture. Prosper emphasizes on coaching, which encompasses utilizing the best of two dimensions, consultancy and training. Coaching is the emerging management model that enhances a culture revolved around productivity, creativity, and empowerment leading to performance excellence.

Coaching for change techniques:

  • Coaching with simple building blocks by stimulating people through direct contact to formulate a lasting change
  • Open ear towards our clients by direct engagement in order to understand and clarify critical issues and opportunities from within.
  • Practical and personalized suggestions and solutions
  • Follow up and continuous evaluation
  • Flexibility in our coaching approach underlining the importance of the era of knowledge
  • Takin a phased approach towards meeting objectives through enriching relationships between leaders, teams, corporations and the community

Through continuous progression towards reaching untapped territories, Prosper assures success through employing:

  • Value adding
  • Partnership.
  • Trust
  • Caring
  • Friendship

Our journey through transformation is to achieve trust which is required to lead to partnership.

In time, people will eventually move out from the transformation zone to the final level of development.

During this period, Prosper takes care of you as your best friend. While going down the path, we strive to add value in continuous progressive alteration to unlimited success.

Prosper’s work is based on practical, tailor made, and effective methods based on the needs of an organization or individual with whom we interact.

There are no ready-made solutions. Our method creates a ripple effect with cascades and grows within the organization. Hence, Prosper supports people to carry out the process of change and initiate the route towards addressing current needs and future aspirations.

Different forms of engagements take place through:

  • Initial scoping to assess the current level of skills
  • Conducting one to one interviews to create a mutual understanding of goals and objectives
  • Setting a proposed program through value proposition
  • Conducting fit for purpose workshops that balance theory and practice
  • Performing business games and energizers to enhance concept learning
  • Performing ‘post’ program coaching and review sessions
  • In additions, Prosper offers specialized studies and reviews to align People and Processes

We aim to collectively impact the organization by developing people’s abilities to discover their own creative skills at:

Executive Coaching

Our aim is to develop and enhance coaching and mentoring skills to lead the human capital in the right direction.

Team Coaching

Four Key areas in team coaching are: commitment of task delivery, effective interaction, join effort, and deliver on promises.

Corporate Coaching

Going beyond consultancy and training towards creating a coaching environment by developing corporate coaches who can play a dual role of coaching and learning. Thus, creating trust and loyalty that result in living a shared identity on the journey towards growth and prosperity.

  • Our preferred style is simplicity and clarity in change management
  • Our unique approach is in activating passion and integrity to address current issues by unleashing their creativity and energy to formulate solutions that are relevant and sustainable